S2, 40′ Expando HD Production Truck

S2 HD Production Truck: View Literature pdf  


Grass Valley Kayenne 4.5 M/E Switcher
Vizrt Trio Graphics
Chyron Mosaic w/ HD Video Input (dual channel)
(1) EVS LSM XT3 – 6-Channel
(1) EVS XT3 – 4-Channel (LSM optional)
(1) EVS 4-Channel Spotbox w/Lance TDC 100 Controller
(1) EVS X File 3
(2) Toshiba DVD Recorder

Cameras: (truck wired for 8 cameras)  
(6) GV LDX-Worldcam 1080i/720p Triax Cameras (1080p optional)
(3) 2” HH EVF
(4) 7″ Studio LCD Viewfinders
(3) GV SuperXpander Lens Supports
(3) Fujinon 77×9.5 HD Lens w/ Stabilizer
(1) Canon 72×9.3 HD Lens w/ SuperXpander (optional)
(3) Fujinon 22×7.6 HD Lens

48 Port ADAM Digital Matrix Intercom
(6) Powered Channel RTS System w/12 SAPs
(8) Channel RTS IFB System
(2) RTS TIF 2000A Phone-Intercom Interfaces
(3) RTS Hybrid Phone Coupler

Audio Console:
Calrec Artemis Light 40 Mixing Console w/Full 5.1 Capable Mixing
240 DSP Inputs
32 x 32 Analog I/O
32 x 32 AES Digital I/O
2×2 MADI I/O
(2) “360 Systems” Digicart E
(1) Digicart “360 Systems” RC-320 Remote Control
(1) Tascam CD Player

208V, Single Phase, 200 Amps
10 Ton Northern Air HVAC

Terminal Equipment:
138×246 NVision Router with integrated AES audio
AJA F2 (4) Dual Frame Sync/Cross Converters
Virtual Monitor Wall  Download Monitor Wall
Grass Valley Kaleido-X Multiviewer

Fingerworks Telestrator
Closed Captioning
Full “Streaming” capabilities
Grass Valley (2) Cameras
Sony HD Cam Deck
DVC Pro HD Deck
Sony XD Cam Deck
Klover Parabolic Dish & Mic Kit
XPression Graphics

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